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Replica of US Army Jump boots, infantry boots, leggings and other footwear accessories.

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    Reproduction of US M1938 Leggings, made with 100% cotton canvas, color matched to WWII, with manufacture stamp.

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    The M43 buckle boots where in general issue by the winter of 1944/45 and where worn by all branches of service including the Paratroopers, Armoured and Infantry. Made by extending the service shoe with a high top cuff that closed by a pair of buckles and straps.

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    Issue boot for US Army paratroopers through 1943. These were also sought after by regular troops who often purloined or "acquired" via alternative means. These feature russet brown leather uppers, toe caps, 12 eyelets, leather soles, and slanted heels. These come with cloth laces. Leather laces available below.

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    Copy of Roughout Service shoe issued in WWII. These are made with flesh out leather for better water repellancy, rubber soles and no toe cap. They were to be issued overseas only. For field use, this was worn with the M1938 Leggings

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    Standard service shoe (lowboot) issued in WWII. Was the most common shoe for soldiers in the army and air corps. It features chrome tanned russet brown leather upper, toe cap, leather sole, rubber heel and half soles. For field use, this was worn with the M1938 Leggings

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    US OD Military socks with cushion sole, made in the USA 50% wool, 30% cotton 20% nylon.

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