Vietnam War

US Army Vietnam War

Uniforms, Fieldgear, badges and other Surplus items of Vietnam War.

  • 1st Cavalry Division Badge

    Shoulder sleeve insignia of 1st Cavalry Division. On a yellow, triangular shield with rounded corners in height overall, a black diagonal stripe extends over the shield from upper left to lower right, and in the upper right a black horse's head cuts off diagonally at the neck.

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  • Aviator style sunglasses (Green)

    Aviator style sunglasses with tinted glass green, flexible legs. It includes plastic cover.

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  • Carabine M1 Handbook

    Reproduction of the Carabine M1 handbook, 1942.

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  • Grunt - Antonio Arques

    An illustrated report about the United States Army Infantry and its life during the Vietnam War 1965-1975. English Book

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  • Jungle Boots, Vietnam

    Jungle Boots, Reproduction. These are new made jungle boots by Sturm Miltec with panama soles, green canvas uppers and black leather. They are perfect for reenacting.

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  • M1 Steel Helmet (Vietnam Impression)

    Austrian M1 Helmet with new plastic liner, made from durable steel, these brilliantly preserved, original, green color without texture. The internal liner has a leather lined suspension system which, along with the canvas chin strap, is fully adjustable to allow most sizes of head. These M1 design helmets are perfect for any Vietnam reenactors.

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  • M1/M14/M16 Web Rifle Sling

    Garand M1 web sling M1944 and used with M14 and M16 rifles too, replica made in khaki canvas with metal hooks. This model was adopted at the end of World War II and extended from the Korean War to the Vietnam War for the M16 rifle, when the color was replaced by the classic OD green.

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  • M1944 Dust Goggles

    Replica from a War Goggles, simiar to model M-1944 used on World War II, with black rubber moulded. Include sun filter

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  • M3 Medic Bag U.S. Army Vietnam

    U.S. GI M3 medic bag. This light weight nylon bag measures 10"x 8"x 4.5" and features three zipper closure interior pockets, plastic closure cover and an removable and adjustable canvas shoulder strap. Olive Drab. Empty bag. Replica.

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  • OD U.S. M67 Buttpack

    Replica of the OD Green M67 Buttpack used by the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War. Canvas version.

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  • P38 can opener

    The P38, developed in 1942, is a small can opener that was issued in the canned field rations of the United States Armed Forces from World War II to the 1980s. Originally designed for and distributed in the K-ration, it was later included in the C-ration. 100% Steel

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  • Support Maintenance Manual Colt 1911A1

    Copy of the Support Maintenance Manual Colt 1911A1, June 1964.

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