WWI Uniforms

WWI German Uniforms

Uniforms, helmets, headgear, fieldgear, belts, buckles, awards, ...

  • German EM leather belt, Brown

    Brown leather as used by Luftwaffe and Polizei troops for wear in garrison or with combat equipment. Made of top grade leather like original models, authentic construction and hardware.

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  • German steel helmet M16

    German WWI steel helmet M16 with leather linner with three individual pads sewn to a leather band. Each pad has a cloth pocket with ties sewn onto the back. The pocket is designed to accommodate gauze “pillow” which would allow for fit to the wearer’s head. The pillows could also be removed. Designed in 1915 by Friedrick Schwerd and professor August Bier.

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  • Gewehr 98 Ammo Pouches, WWI

    Gewehr 98 Ammo Pouches, reproduction made of brownlLeather, used by the german army in the First World War. Sell by Pair.

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  • M1907/10 Feldgrau Wool Piped Trousers

    WW1 German 1907/10 Fieldgrey Wool Piped Trousers. The reproductions are made of a heavy WWI style wool like the originals. They are piped in Red. The Feldhosen are fully lined with all the features of the originals.

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