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Welcome to our WWII US Army Uniforms section. We have a selection of Jackets, Trousers, Winter Jackets, Shirts, Tie and other army uniforms.

Our products are designed for museums, collectors, reenacment and other theatrical purposes, as well as cinematographic and television productions.

The sale of this material is not intended to advocate any totalitarian state or any past, present or future political ideology. We warn that some of the symbols that appear can hurt feelings to people or groups.

  • A2 Leather Flight Jacket

    Pilot leather jacket made with the original US Air Corp. specifications in brown soft goatskin, cotton lining, 2 patch pockets with flap, epaulets, hidden 2-way-front-zipper and knitted welt on sleeve and hem

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  • Bomber Flight Jacket B-3

    Reproduction of the WWII Bomber Jacket B-3, 100% waxed Sheepskin, the collar can be folded up to protect the neck and chin with the two locking buckles. The buckles on the waist allow individual width adjustment. We accept orders, please contact us for more information

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  • M1938 Mackinaw Coat

    Replica of the double breasted thigh length coat went, prewar pattern, M1938, with a wool shawl collar and belt. The coat always had two flapped patch pockets on the skirt. Made in a olive drab #3 color. Lined with OD melton wool. 

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  • US HBT Coveralls - Miltec®

    Reproduction HBT coveralls. Although designed for mechanics and vehicle crews, these were issued to all manner of Army personnel during the War. Even the Paratroopers wore these during basic training. Standard issue work uniform for all US Army and Air Corps personnel.

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  • US HBT Jacket - Miltec®

    Replica of the Early production, second pattern HBT jacket, used by the US Army, Air Corps, and some Marines. This pattern is the most common wartime issue fatigue jacket. Unpleated breast pockets with bellows, 13 star tack buttons and button down cuffs. 100% cotton.

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  • US HBT Trousers - Miltec®

    Replica of the Early production, second pattern HBT trousers, used by the US Army, Air Corps, and some Marines. This pattern is the most common wartime issue fatigue trousers. 100% cotton.

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  • US M1937 Wool Trousers - Miltec®

    The M1937 field trousers was made from correct light shade "Mustard" color woolen gabardine. These are the basic issue Army pants to go with the Wool shirt. 80% Polyester, 20% Wool

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  • US M1941 Field Jacket - Miltec®

    Reproduction of the Field Jacket M1941 or Parson's Jacket, made from tightly woven, olive drab cotton poplin and lined with wool flannel cloth. Became the standard combat uniform for soldiers and Marines until the end of WWII. By Sturm Miltec®

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  • US M1942 Paratrooper Trousers

    The M1942 Field Trousers for US Paratrooper use. Made with olive-drab cotton with two cargo pockets, leg ties to help compress the pockets and reinforced knees. These uniform is mainly worn in the D-Day and is gradually being replaced by the M43 uniforms.

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  • US M1942 Reinforced Paratrooper Set

    US M1942 reinforced jump suit used during the Normandie Landing. This airborne suit has reinforcement on pockets, elbows and knees. 100% Cotton.

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  • US M1942 Trouser Suspenders

    Reproduction and longer than originals - As worn by paratroopers and mountain troops. OD #3 (KHAKI!) webbing with leather tips.

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  • US M1943 Field Jacket - Miltec®

    The M1943 Field Uniform was the result to replace the M1941 Field Jacket. The uniform consisted of a 4 pocket jacket made from windproof sateen cotton.  These uniforms didn't appear in France until September of 1944 with the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions who had been re-equipped with them in England.

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