Arija (Burgos) 2018

Opening to the living area, where two areas with material and historical items will be set up.

Two battles will be made during the weekend (landing of Normandy and assault to the Kommandantur) where they will be used Armored vehicles, pyrotechnics and more...

On Saturday morning a historic airsoft battle is organized

And many other surprises during the day ...

Friday, July 6

  • 15.00: Beginning of the reception of reenactors at Bar Ulisses.
  • Mount of the living camp.
  • Free dinner

Saturday, July 7

  • 09.30: The players of the game of airsoft should be prepared for the start of it.
  • 11.00: Opening of the live camp for the public, followed by the scheduled activities:
    • Explanation of uniforms
    • Sample of the material and armament of the time
    • Patrols and skirmishes (mini recreations).
    • Exhibition "The Normandy landings" and Vintage vehicles.
    • Talk about the disembarkation.
    • Medical and telecommunications display
  • 14.00: airsoft game ends.
  • 3:00 pm: Ranch meal inside the living camp (only for reenactors).
  • 19.00: Briefing prior to recreation.
  • 19.30: Start of recreation: "Normandy, the landing".
  • 9:00 pm: Closing of the camp alive for the public.
  • 22:00: Private dinner with the organizers and reenactors ..
  • 23:00: Concert Dr. Bogarde (vintage music)

Sunday, July 8

  • 11.00: Opening of the live camp for the public.
  • 12:30: Briefing explanatory recreation
  • 13.00: Start of the recreation "Kommandantur, the final assault".
  • 14.00: Closing of the live camp.
    • Closing of activities and closing of the days.