Polizei and Feldgendarmerie Caps

Polizei and Feldgendarmerie Caps

Welcome to our Polizei and Feldgendarmerie Caps section. We have a selection of german police caps, like M40, M43 Feldmützen and Visor Caps, all made in germany by Robert Lubstein brand (EREL).

Our products are designed for museums, collectors, reenacment and other theatrical purposes, as well as cinematographic and television productions.

The sale of this material is not intended to advocate any totalitarian state or any past, present or future political ideology. We warn that some of the symbols that appear can hurt feelings to people or groups.

  • Feldgendarmerie Officer Visor Cap - EREL®

    Feldgendarmerie Officer's Schirmmutze made in Germany by EREL who made this same cap in WW2. Correct Police Green Wool with Brown band, orange piping, silver wire chin strap, pebbled buttons on the chinstrap, black Vulkanfibre peak visor, metal eagle cap badge and wire bullion cockade cap badge. Stamped inside "Offizier kleiderkasse Berlin EREL".

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  • M43 Bergmütze Police - EREL®

    Police or Feldgendarmerie Bergmütze for enlisted men and NCO's. These caps have the shorter bill (peak), higher crown then the M43 caps and are buckram lined for extra warmth and stability. Made like the originals with grey blue wool and cotton lined with manufacturer label. This model was commonly used by all units. Made in Germany by Robert Lubstein TM

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